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BBQ Throw Down Cancelled

The city of Rocky Mount has cancelled the upcoming Eastern Carolina BBQ Throw Down scheduled for Oct. 7 and Oct. 8 in downtown Rocky Mount. A decision to cancel the event resulted from the uncertainty of Hurricane Matthew, which is expected to bring high winds and rain to Eastern North Carolina.

“Due to already saturated ground conditions from previous storms, as well as expected participants from across the U.S., the city of Rocky Mount has decided to be proactive and make the decision to cancel this year’s Eastern Carolina BBQ Throw Down,” stated Fire Chief Mike Varnell. “The safety of participants and citizens is our utmost priority.”

“Ideally we would like to reschedule the event but due to many moving parts of this event it is not feasible. We hope to add aspects of this event to upcoming City of Rocky Mount events and encourage the public to follow on our website and social media outlets,” stated Special Events Coordinator Susan Phelps.

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